Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I have several UPSs that I purchased circa 2000. Because they contain lead-acid batteries, they have started to fail as the batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. A new UPS can cost anywhere between $60 and $200 depending on the size and the features it supports.

One way to resurrect a UPS with dead batteries is to replace the batteries. On many UPSs this is easy because there is a door built into the case that gives you quick access to the battery. Open the door, pull the battery out and check it for voltage and amperage. For example, one of my UPSs needed two 6-volt batteries rated at 5 amps. Then measure the dimensions of the batteries with a ruler. Sealed lead-acid batteries come in standard sizes, and you want the replacement to be the same size so it will fit in the case.

I happened to buy my new batteries at, but you can also get them at a retail place like Batteries Plus, or type "sealed lead-acid batteries" into Google and see who is advertising. Simply drop the new batteries in to your UPS, connect them the same way the old batteries were connected, and you have a good-as-new UPS for something around $20.

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