Monday, July 21, 2003

This Web site is interesting for several different reasons.

The site describes how to build a "gauss gun" that shoots iron bullets electronically. Instead of using the explosion of gunpowder to launch the bullet, this gun uses a bank of capacitors that dump their charge to a coil of fine wire. The surge of electricity creates a powerful magnetic field in the coil that propels the bullet. The site claims these specs for the gun:From a technical standpoint, the site shows an interesting application of off-the-shelf components. No longer are you required to buy a gun from a manufacturer -- you can make one at home with parts available at Radio Shack.

Another interesting thing about this gun is that it is completely silent. The charging of the capacitors and their discharge creates none of the noise that gunpowder does.

The social implications are also interesting. If you can make your own gun in your basement, it is harder to ban guns. A gun like this also tends to limit the effectiveness of gun registration laws.

For additional information, see the magnetic gun club. This site on rail guns is also interesting.

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