Sunday, August 10, 2003

David starts kindergarten tomorrow. Here are the forms that Leigh and I are filling out tonight to send to school with him for his first day:
  1. The student locator release card -- general name/address/emergency info.
  2. The Code of Cooperation and discipline policy form -- Signed by both the parents and the student, this form states that all of the school rules have been read and understood.
  3. The student interest survey form -- lets you list your kid's strengths and interests
  4. The photographic/videotaping permission form -- Gives the school system permission to photograph your child and use the photo for promotional purposes.
  5. The Internet parent Request to Deny form -- Lets you refuse your child access to the Internet and email while in school.
  6. The transportation verification form
  7. The carpool application form
  8. The physician/parent permission for medication at school form
  9. The student accident enrollment application
  10. The dental accident insurance application
  11. The free and reduced lunch application
  12. The family snack form
  13. The PTA "one-stop" form
  14. The MAGIC form
  15. The classroom student information form
I have always been amazed by teachers. What if all the kids are eating the family snack, it is time for Johnny and Kisha to go down to the office to take their medicine, one of the kids is inching toward a Web terminal and the school system's camera crew shows up? Does the teacher have to go look at all the videotape release forms and isolate the kids who don't have permission to be on tape? Why don't teachers go insane?

What if you extrapolate out 50 years? What will a kindergarten classroom look like in 2050, and how many forms will the parents have to fill out?

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