Friday, August 01, 2003

The Web's 10 Year Anniversary

It is hard to believe but true that the Web did not exist 10 years ago. On November 11, 1993, version 1.0 of the first Web Browser became available on the Internet. This piece of software was called Mosaic. The Web was born on the day that Mosaic appeared.

Think about everything that has happened in those 10 years:All in 10 years.

In other words, the Web absolutely did not exist in 1993. It appeared out of nowhere and then exploded. In 2003, the Web is completely woven into our lives and is used by more than half of the U.S. population. The Web has had huge effects on the way people do things. All in just 10 short years.

That pace of change seems fast, and it is, but it is not unusual in America. Even 100 years ago things could change very quickly. The first Model T Ford, for example, was sold in the 1909 model year, and in that first year only 10,000 were manufactured. By 1912 there were 3,500 Ford dealers selling 300,000 cars per year. Just a few years later, Ford was selling 2 million cars per year and there were over 100 companies competing with Ford. Even a century ago, a popular idea could catch on and spread very quickly.

[Interesting fact -- in 2002, Ford sold only 4 million cars.]

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