Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Moving Memories

The Brain family moved to a new house in July of this year. If you've moved recently, you know how interesting that process can be. The thing about moving, at least if you do a do-it-yourself move like we did, is that you end up touching every single object that you own. Twice. You touch it once when you put it into a box, and you touch it again when you take it out. I touched a lot of objects that I have not seen, or even thought about, in quite awhile. The whole process tends to bring back a flood of memories. I found old yearbooks, photographs, niknaks from trips long ago, books, postcards, unfinished projects, notes...

One of the things I came across in our move was a collection of photographs I took in college. In the collection was a set of pictures from a trip to New York city with a friend. One of those pictures startled me because it brought back a flood of memories on two dimensions -- memories of the trip and my friend, which were very happy, mixed with memories of the ultimate destiny of the building and the people who were in it, which can be overwhelming. I am sure there are millions of us who will share that same kind of experience as we remember on Thursday.

In Memoriam

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