Sunday, November 30, 2003

November PopSci

The November 2003 issue of Popular Science covers the future of flight. Just about everything in the issue is about flight in some way. There were two articles that were particularly interesting.

The first was a one-page blurb on a model airplane built by Maynard Hill. The plane weighs less than 11 pounds with fuel, but was able to fly for almost 39 hours, traveling 1,900 miles and crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland to Ireland. The 11 pound weight limit means that it carried only about 1 gallon of fuel. A GPS-based autopilot kept it on course. Average speed was 49 MPH. This BBC article has several photos.

The second was a panel discussion on the future of flight. The most provacative statement in it comes from Burt Rutan, known for his round-the-world-non-stop Voyager airplane, and now a serious contender for the X Prize. Here's the quote:It's a fascinating article overall, and gets you thinking about air travel and aircraft in a very different way.

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