Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Blood Games

In Time Magazine there is an article that reviews the new computer game Manhunt. It is a game about killing people. Here is how Time's reviewer describes it:What sort of sociopath enjoys a game like this?

Why do we destroy terrorist training camps? They are simulations -- nothing more. No one is actually killed in a terrorist training camp. We tear these camps down because we believe that people who practice terrorism in a training camp have a high probability of terrorizing people in the real world.

If I make a video game that teaches people terrorist tactics, can I sell the game? If not, then why can someone sell a video game where people act out murder over and over again on-screen? How is it different?

There is an interesting and unintended postscript in the December 7 issue of Time. The article is called "Does Kindergarten Need Cops? The youngest schoolkids are acting out in really outrageous ways. Why?" Here's a quote from it:Several possible explanations are offered. Here is one:

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