Thursday, February 19, 2004

Something else to worry about...

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This article on E-card hijack spam is written by a person who got a piece of spam email. When he clicked on the link in the email he found that the web page he arrived at is malicious. What this points out is that it is now possible to build ordinary web pages that have destructive intent.

In his analysis, the author found that the web page he arrived at tries to do several different things to his machine:Currently, because of spam and email viruses, we have all become suspicious of email. Any email received today has a fairly high probability of being malicious in some way.

Now we are seeing malicious Web pages. You arrive at an innocent-sounding URL and find it able to cause bad things to happen on your computer. If the trend spreads, it could put a big damper on random surfing.

I wonder if Google has technology in place to detect malicious pages in its index? It would also be nice if Google flagged the pages that link to malicious pages.

Here's the author's advice: "If you're still using Outlook and Internet Explorer, this is a good time to find alternatives (I suggest FireFox and Thunderbird). Crackers and spammers are getting more and more sophisticated, and are finding ways to fool even experienced and skilled computer users."

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