Sunday, March 07, 2004

Finally - Proof of the Afterlife!

Scientist Claims Proof Of Afterlife is interesting. According to the article, "What happens after we die -- do we continue on or is this life the end? Many of us hope there is an afterlife, and now some Arizona scientists say they have proof through their afterlife experiments." The article goes on with statements like this, "Almost anyone who sees the data says there's something real here," and "When you look at the totality of the data from our laboratory, the simplest explanation is actually that survival of consciousness is real."

The article describes one experiment. A Medium (someone who can communicate with dead people) comes into the lab and does a reading on a typical person. Within seconds the medium is talking to dead relatives of that typical person. In particular, the dead mother is able to tell the medium that there is carrot cake and some peanuts in the house of the subject.

As I read this, I was left with three questions:It will be interesting to watch this story develop...

are there any more scientific inquiries being made on the subject?if so what have they come up with so far.
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