Saturday, March 13, 2004

Hard to believe but true...

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The article is entitled Virginity pledgers' STDs not reduced. The basic message is that we have a group of teens in America who have publicly pledged to remain virgins until marriage. Yet they get sexually transmitted diseases at the same rate as teens who don't make the pledge. The reason? The teens who pledge to abstain fail to bring condoms when they go on a date, so they get lots of STDs when they end up having sex anyway.

That's not the unbelievable part, however. That actually makes sense once you think about it. The unbelievable part is this:If that is true, then this whole "abstinence" thing we are trying to drive into schools has a very long, uphill battle. Can you think of ANY other activity (besides breathing) that has a participation rate of 99 percent?

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