Tuesday, April 20, 2004

'To be fat is to look slightly stupid'

This article really changes the way you look at over-eating and obesity: The basis of the article is this simple fact: people who live in Manhattan are much thinner than the norm. The article puts it this way:Why is this? It turns out that no one knows for sure. One reason, to be certain, has to do with wealth. The NYTimes reported last week that the average sales price of an apartment in Manhattan hit a million dollars this year. It would appear, based on this article, that every Manhattanite can afford a personal trainer.

But there also seems to be a great deal of social pressure driving the trend. It is quotes like these that get your attention:What do you think? Does this Manhattan trend now trickle down to the rest of America, or not? One thing is certain -- it sure would be a lot easier with Vertebrane.

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