Thursday, June 24, 2004

Consumer fraud

Spam arrives every day and it is full of bogus claims. Most people understand that. But what about all the bogus claims being released through the major media?

For example, if you are a parent you can not help seeing ads for mosquito-repelling devices. Now we learn that one of the most heavily advertised ones is useless: FTC: No love for baby bug device

Health experts are now gearing up to fight all the false claims being made about low-carb foods and diets: Experts slam low-carb trend as rip-off

I noted earlier that a popular diet pill called Cortislim is useless, yet it is being promoted by a multi-million dollar ad campaign.

Polical ads are famous for their lies and distortions.

We are getting to the point where we need a watchdog agency that screens all ads before they are released to the public.

So what if there is an independent agency, similar to the Underwriters Laboratory. You've seen the "UL Label" on just about every electrical product you buy. The label certifies that the UL has tested the device, and it is not likely to cause an electrical fire. What if there was something like the UL label on ads -- a little logo in the bottom right corner -- saying that an independent agency has looked-at/listened-to the ad and certified it to be accurate? You would know that ads without the logo are bogus.

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