Monday, August 23, 2004

John Titor and the Republican Convention

Not many people have heard of him, but the story of John Titor is interesting. John Titor was, allegedly, a time traveler from the year 2036 who stopped by in November 2000 to offer his insights on various Internet newsgroups. According to the web site:I don't know anyone who thinks this was anything except a hoax (although a fascinating one), but this week may be an important week in proving or disproving the John Titor legend. John Titor made predictions in 2000 and 2001 that are about to ripen if they are true. For example, these three predictions are very relevant around the Republican Convention in NYC this week:A "civil war" in the United States seemed pretty farfetched in 2000, but is not quite so farfetched today. And "civil unrest" around the 2004 election seems downright likely. For example: Protesters set for GOP convention. If those protests end up being muted or non-existent, then John Titor was certainly a hoax. But if they escalate into large riots that spread nationwide in the weeks to come, then you have to wonder...

Titor is so debunked his theories have no meaning anymore. The theory that sealed it for me involved his 2015 nuclear war scenario. Consider this.

In 1986, nuclear reactor #4 at Chernobyl malfunctioned. A steam cloud escaped creating a "dead zone" around the site ... a zone no human being can safely inhabit for roughly 600 years. And mind you, this was "just" a steam cloud.

Now, back to Titor. No one actually hears from him anymore. Usually, they only hear his info second-hand from his "mouthpiece," a man named Oliver Williams - a regular on the Coast To Coast AM radio show hosted alternatively by George Noory, Ian Punnett, and Art Bell (the original host). One of Titor's claims is that, in the year 2015, Russia will attack the U.S. with multiple nuclear warheads targeting our major cities. He also claims that in 2036, 21 years after the attack, the U.S. capital will be in Omaha, Nebraska. Uhh ... excuse me. Omaha is not only a major city, it's also considered a "primary" target because (A) Stragetic Air Command (SAC) headquarters is in Omaha, and (B) Minuteman missile silos ring the area. In short, Omaha would not be a "mere" target ... it would probably be THE target area for several of those incoming missiles.

So ... Titor claims a region that would likely endure numerous multi-megaton nuclear strikes in 2015 will be "habitable" again in 2036 when scientists can't even clean up after a steam-leak for 600 years. Ahem.

Still, I suppose that between now and 2015, our scientists could discover some kind of "magic" cleaning solution to a nuclear holocaust (or the Russians could invent a "cleaner" type of plutonium). And I suppose a city turned into a flat burning wasteland could be rebuilt in 21 years. It's all within the realm of "possibility." But, hehe, I must admit that hearing some kind of definitive explanation from Williams would have to be forthcoming before I'd chime into those possibilities. Until then, it sounds like a lot of unrefrigerated fish and hoo-hah (grin).

P.S. Russia "could" launch a nuclear strike against us, as Titor claims. But the idea of attacking population centers only has never been a nuclear strategy by any nuclear power. Primary targets are always command and control centers ... ie., capital cities (regardless of size), military command centers (like SAC) and submarine bases, and communications hubs. Population centers are considered secondary or tertiary targets and only targeted when the ability to retaliate has been addressed.

He did say one thing that made sense, though. In such a nuclear exchange, South America would be relatively untouched ... at least by the exchange itself. But, prevailing winds know no borders. One of the best depictions of that is in the movie, "On The Beach," starring Gregory Peck. Australia is relatively untouched by the exchange. But slowly, as the prevailing winds carry the deadly plutonium poison in their direction, even Australia succombs. There is no way to win a nuclear war (outside of space exploration and colonization, hehe).

One final thought. I can't prove this because the registrar info has hidden ownership. But, I'd be willing to bet that is owned and operated by his mouthpiece, Oliver Williams. Whenever he appears on the Coast To Coast AM show, the site is always mentioned. And on a more conspiratorial note, I'd even go so far as to speculate that John Titor and Oliver Williams are the same person ... perhaps grooming the public for future woo-woo exploitation. Titor never sold anything (in theory) ... but the site sells his book (privately printed by an online vanity publisher, - whose parent company, Fundcraft, primarily publishes "cookbooks").

Since most people think that the name "John Titor" is really a pseudonym, it is also possible that "Oliver Williams" is a pseudonym as well. I'd not be surprised at all if, after a thorough investigation of Williams, he (and Titor) was discovered to be David Bradley, Titor's publisher who obviously runs a homebrew (via a Macintosh) print facility from his home in rural Tennessee ... and who conveniently published the book in the same year the website went online (2003) - both 2 years after Titor supposedly "went back."

It makes sense to me. Nowadays, it's so easy to find recipes online that cookbook sales must be taking a slow nosedive. What better way to prop up a faltering publishing business than by injecting a little "speculative fiction" into the mix. Just a thought...
Well I must admit anything is possible

Lacking radiation-measuring instruments, he watched the ground.

"After three weeks, we found a swarm of ants. ... and they were vigorous and strong," Nagai wrote in 1946.

"After a month, we found worms in large numbers. Then we found rats running around .... And I began to think that if small animals could survive, human life was also possible."

So Nagai built a hut on the rubble of his old home, where he lived until 1951 when the 43-year-old physician died of leukemia -a disease he had prior to the bombing.
If we know about john titor them we exist on a world live that did not exist before he arrived. He said that our world line was about 3% different then his just because he was here and alluded to the fact that he stopped y2k. stopping y2k would have increased that divergence by an exponential amount. so i'm sorry to tell you are present will be nothing like his history. sitting around with a check list will do you no good the only way the events can happen here is if we make them. however the nuclear war in 2015 is still possible so what would happen if our population centers were still heavily populated because the other events did not take place. if y2k had happened this would indeed be a very different time with the events the last 8 years would have been compounded. so yes pray that it is a hoax or else we should already be opposing our government. socialism is a big deal and maybe we are sitting at the eve of our own destruction the time to move would be now. oh yes and any travelers that have arrived before or since would also have increased said divergence. good luck and sorry.

Mutually Assured Destruction MAD will soon no longer be a viable deterrent thanks to the obama administration.
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