Monday, August 09, 2004

Stiletto Heels

This article goes in the same category with the question, "What makes cigarettes sexy?" It seems odd that putting 4-inch spikes on a woman's (not an man's) feet would trigger "sex" in the human brain. Yet that is exactly what it does:

Stiletto Heels the Ultimate Sex Appeal Item

The article surveyed 55,000 people and found things like this:How can this be? Yet again, it has to do with the effects of markers. The appeal of heels is that they act as a publicly visible marker for sexuality, just like cigarettes. According to the article: "The survey also revealed... that overall, heel lovers were much more adventurous in their love lives."

See also: Cell phones and sex and Smoking and sex.

You have to admit that a woman's legs look sexier with high heels. My explanation is that high heels are much more elegant than other kind of shoes. They expose the woman's feet to our eyes and that is why women who wear high heels make sure that their feet are in top condition. It is always the combination high heels - beautiful legs that draws the attension.
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