Thursday, March 10, 2005

Today's news

I happened to go to CNN today, and here is what was on the home page:

As you can see, Michael Jackson is the lead story.

Why is Michael Jackson is the #1 News story on CNN?

On the planet today there are 6 billion people. Millions of scientists are doing beneficial research. Millions of inventors are working on their inventions. Millions of businesses are coming up with new products, new services, new medicines and so on. Millions of charities are helping people less fortunate. Millions of individuals are doing good, kind things for others. In addition, there are all of the huge geopolitical things going on in our world that affect all of us in some way...

And yet, CNN's #1 lead story is Michael Jackson showing up late for trial. How can it be that, in CNN's opinion, this is the #1 most important thing happening on the planet right now?

You are fighting a losing battle. "yellow journalism" is eternal. I agree however.
Well, you have it right on.

Out of sight, out of mind.
I guess some "White" guy is more important than anybody in the US.. I say US because we in the US as a majority dont care about others.
Interesting, Marshall! Keep up the great reporting.
Billions of people. Millions and millions doing good. Can't fault you there.


And for that, we can only THANK GOD.
Unfortunately, we can't blame it all on the mainstream media. CNN just sells what people want.
CNN may tell only what "few people" want but not all. Dont you guys think it becomes major responsibility of the media, which has more impact on society to highlight "developmental activities" rather than crime and immoral stories. I agree MJ is a world known "whatever" but what is contribution to humanity? Why is there so much hype about him? I fail to understand.
Perhaps you should get out amongst 'the people' more -- you'd be more likely to understand why they've often been referred to as 'the great unwashed'.
Your question suggests the delusional naïveté once more exclusively associated with those afflicted by some form of religion.
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