Thursday, April 28, 2005

What kind of HDTV to buy?

I have a friend who is wanting to buy a "hang it on your wall" type of HDTV. His question is, "which should I buy - Plasma or LCD?"

I saw an article talking about differences in LCDs, plasmas and a new technology called SED. The article is not available online, but here is what it says: You can see in this quote two things. First, LCD is not as clear as plasma on moving images. Second, there is a new technology called SED that is "just around the corner" (isn't that always the case?) and is better than both. SED won't be available until next year.

This online article compares LCD to Plasma and says about the same thing:LCD has a smearing problem because the pixels cannot react fast enough in moving images. Plasma has a bit of a lifespan problem, and is subject to burn in.

Here is a quick introduction to SED technology if you would like to learn more: It should be here as early as 2006 in mass-produced quantities by at least one manufacturer.

The other technology that has been "just around the corner" for years is the OLED. This technology seems to be moving on a slower track when it comes to large displays. Here is an intro:It is not clear when large OLED displays will be available in mass quantities - perhaps not before 2007.

Call me when I can get one of these TV's for under $500 for over 25 inches. No telling how we will communicate at that time.
What if I do not want to "hang it on a wall" and I do not want to "wait a year" for SED or OLED. What is the best way to go in that case?
I used to think that Plasma and LCD were the same technology.

I am happy that there are 4 powerful replacers of the CRT tube. Thank you for the news.

I can not believe we are still using these old CRT's, it's time to move on.
I read this blog entry yesterday and, today, went to BestBuy and observed the new Westinghouse 32" LCD HD. Even during commercials featuring very rapid movement (e.g., the elevated, rapidly rotating basketball player, and a highly animated spiel for some toilet cleanser), everything was clear and crisply delineated -- I observed no blurring within the picture at any time; at the very least, it was totally acceptable to me. Also, the set weighs only 30lbs (without 4lb stand). I'd suggest you check out the product(s), yourself, rather than depend solely on such 'reviews'. -- blzbob
Marshall, thanks for interesting thoughts...

I think it is interesting that both the OLED and SED are using inkjet technologies to manufacture the electronics.
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