Thursday, May 26, 2005

Fun fact

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Child Population Dwindles in San Francisco

The article contains this fun fact:That is $760 a square foot, and it is a "bargain". My house in Cary, NC cost $90 per square foot, and that is considered "fairly normal". That's a pretty big difference.

What does a square foot of house cost where you live?

$213CDN per square foot right outside of inner city line in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

That is about $168US per square foot.

The farther you get from downtown here the cheaper they are, but you get smaller and smaller sized yards. The place I live in was built in 1961 and it's yard is about 5 to 6 times the size of anything you can get today.

In addition, my appraised value of my house appreciated about 11 percent last year. Which for some reason seem slightly crazy. :-)
Boom Builds for Housing in New York City

"He started at $850 per square foot and ratcheted up to more than $1,000. That pushed the price of a two-bedroom apartment to $1.2 million." In Manhattan.

Supposedly the average price for a place in Manhattan is over $1M now.
$180/sqft in Montgomery county Maryland.

Marshall, did you factor in property cost in your $90.00/ft, or was that just building cost?
Manhattan. No houses where I live, but my rent is cheap and not in the best area. It costs $5/square foot/month. Given the crude approximation of rent=interest and a 6% interest rate, that equates to a clean $1000/square foot. This is only possible because interest rates are still so low.
Just paid $155/sf in Charlotte, NC on a house that has appreciated 4.94% per year for the last 14 years and 4.89% for the last 5 years. This is slightly above the avg. for the state at 4.5%.

In Mecklenburg county do all sorts of cool lookups at
About $190 in southeastern PA. This includes the value of the land as well.
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