Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The compressed air car

This is related to the post on Cheap cars from China...

It has a "too good to be true" feeling about it:But if it actually is true, then what the press release is talking about is a compressed air car that:And the most amazing part -- the car will cost only 5,500 pounds in the UK, which translates into less that $10,000 in the U.S.

Apparently the car has been in the pipeline for awhile. Here is an article from the BBC dated 2002: France to unveil air-powered car. Wired covered it in 2003: Air Car Caught in Turbulence.

For more information, visit www.theaircar.com. See also Cheap electric cars from China and AltEng.

I've been waiting on this car that is comming out in 2 months for about 5 years
I saw this car on the Discovery Channel a few months ago and thought it was a really cool idea. Definitely good for urban transportation. We have quite a few of the Smartcars up here in Calgary now, and they seem quite able to handle both the congested downtown traffic as well as the faster freeway driving. I wonder how this compressed air car will work if it is -40 outside.
I'd like to imagine an America where these little cars were popular, but it's pretty darn hard. A two-stroke engine with a maximum speed of 60 mph? You'd be honked off the road if you dared venture onto the highway at that speed. Try driving 55 mph the next time you're on the freeway. It's like drifting backward in a river of cars. And I'd hate to see what an Aircar vs. SUV collision would look like.

I think the overwhelming majority of American consumers will probably pay gas prices of $10 a gallon before they buy a car like this. Maybe I'm wrong.
At $10,000, I would buy this car the second it hits US shores, as I rarely go on the highway and have no problem charging it at night. People overestimate the power of the gasoline car. If you make one of these cars cheap enough, it will be bought. I've already heard that in bigger cities, mopeds and scooters are selling briskly as the savings in a year of gas for ditching a full size car can pay for two scooters and the gas to run them for a year.

I saw the Discovery on this as well, they say that can keep adding cylanders in parrallel to add power.
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I see a lot of the Smartcars too (I'm also in Calgary ;) ).

But the air powered cars are not really 'zero pollution'. It is just externalizing the issue to the air compressors, I would be interested to see how efficient they are. The 2$ a tank seems odd.

Still a good option to keep an eye on.
I would love to see this car in the U.S. Heck I'd even go to mexico and get one of these babys
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Does anyone know when the release date in the U.S is??
These cars can save the planet...I will buy one as soon as they become avail. only problem I see is the truckers and suvs that do 90 miles an hour and run you off the road...are there any crash tests on these mostly plastic and alumminum vehicles...I already have an electric golf cart that I use for transportation around my 55+ housing park...good job on your blog very informative....
atnlunrI must disappoint you. I guess, there will be never anything like an air car on our roads. It looks good and the best about it is its PR, but there are reasons which make it very unlikely that it is a serious alternative. More on this forum:
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It's really practical since compressed air are quite affordable and plus the good thing about it is that it does not contribute to any pollution.
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