Thursday, July 21, 2005

I sit on the board of, which was just named one of the 10 most innovative charities in the world by It is very cool to have been selected by Amazon for this honor.

What Amazon has done is collect together 10 of the most innovative nonprofit web sites, and there is a contest to see which site is the best. All 10 of the sites are interesting. From a WebKEW perspective, there is a lot to learn by looking at all 10.

By donating money to these web sites over the next 10 weeks, you "vote" for your favorite sites. Whichever site raises the most money by September 30, 2005 gets a matching contribution from Amazon (up to $1 million). It is a great way for these nonprofit organizations to get exposure, and the winner obviously gets a big boost as well, both monetarily and from the publicity.

Here are Amazon's 10 finalists:Look at all 10, and contribute to the ones that excite you the most. It's a great opportunity!

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