Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New idea - mega-mall

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The Mall That Would Save America - New York Times

From the article:It's an interesting article because the vision of the mall is so huge. For example: See also Mall of America and AltEng.

Ooh! Just think of the eminent domain that could be used for this project.
Where's the housing? Everyone will have to commute to the mall, park miles away (or tour a parking garage for an hour) in order to shop there. That means more traffic and a commuting nightmare. Bringing 200,000 people into an area that can't handle it means the city has to do major infrastructure upgrades as well. If they sold condos right there then I might get interested in it...
Transportation problems? Environmentally friendly developer? $2B budget. Somebody should get Congel interested in SkyTran (previous post). With a combined effort between Congel, Hillary Clinton, and the city of Syracuse, the Personal Rapid Transportation idea could actually get off the ground!
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