Friday, July 01, 2005

A small electric car from India

GM tried introducing a real electric car in the United States. It was called the EV1. This car had advantages (it was a real car, you could charge it at home, there were places to get a charge away from home, electricity is much cheaper than gasoline, etc.) and disadvantages (short range, pretty expensive ($35K), etc.). It was a valid experiment and many people loved the EV1, but ultimately GM pulled the plug.

In London, there is a company that is trying to make another attempt at a working electric car. The company is called GoinGreen and they have released an Automatic Electric Vehicle. Here are some of its features:Perhaps the most interesting thing about this project is the fact that it is primarily confined to a single locality (London). That means that GoinGreen can, perhaps, reach critical mass in that locality in terms of service, recharging stations and special dispensations (free parking, tax breaks). It is also interesting that, to keep costs down, the car is being sold over the internet, without any dealer showrroms, brochures or advertising. It should be a fascinating experiment to watch. Visit GoinGreen for details.

hey...but u didn't talk abt car from india....r u planning to talk abt REVA.
Sanjay, this car is REVA exported to UK
couldent they manufacture these things
cheaper in utah.
The end of peak oil!
The reason why electric cars won't succeed in the future is because of its lack of speed. People are fascinated with speed (40 mph isn't fast) and how cheap it is (Which this car provides). I am a Future by Design Enthusiast, and admire the work that they are doing in looking ahead in finding other resources to end the peak oil industrialization, but I don’t see this electric cars being something people would like to park in their garage.
Edgar: Perhaps you will reconsider your position after a look at the tzero, the Tango, or for something a little less dependent upon a still-infantile charging infrastructure, the Enigma.

A bunch of technologies are getting good enough that they can alter the landscape in amazing ways - ways that one would not see if one looked at them separately.
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