Thursday, July 21, 2005

Something else to worry about...

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Two for today:
  1. Online resumes turn risky / Job seekers post data that can be used by identity thieves

    From the article:
      Increasingly, online resumes are being accessed not just by legitimate employers but by offshore criminals out to steal identities or bring low-level recruits into international crime rings.

      Experts warn that in the past year, such fraudsters have gotten more aggressive about contacting people whose resumes are online, whether on personal Web sites or on large, reputable career search sites.

  2. Wi-Fi cloaks a new breed of intruder

    From the article:
      But experts believe there are scores of incidents occurring undetected, sometimes to frightening effect. People have used the cloak of wireless to traffic in child pornography, steal credit card information and send death threats, according to authorities.

      For as worrisome as it seems, wireless mooching is easily preventable by turning on encryption or requiring passwords. The problem, security experts say, is many people do not take the time or are unsure how to secure their wireless access from intruders. Dinon knew what to do. "But I never did it because my neighbors are older."

    From my office here, I have access to eight different wireless hubs that my neighbors have installed. When a new hub first lights up, it is normally completely insecure. Someone who is tech-savy in the neighborhood will knock on their door, sort of like the Welcome Wagon, and show them how to lock down the hub to prevent unexpected access. It takes only 5 or 10 minutes to secure everything, and it can prevent a whole bunch of problems.

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