Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hard to believe but true...

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In the September 2005 issue of Money magazine: "Your chances of being rich go up when your weight goes down. Ohio State University research has found that white adults who reduced their body mass index (BMI) score by 10 points saw their net worth rise by about $12,000."

Let's assume that this is true. Why might it occur? Money magazine offers no theories, but it seems like there are several possible explanations. One might be that there is prejudice against overweight people in American society. Another might be that people who are losing weight are healthier/happier, and that results in less sick time, more optimism or something along those lines. Another explanation: maybe if you have formerly been eating too much, but are able to discipline yourself enough to control your eating, that discipline spills over into other parts of your life and has beneficial side effects. Other thoughts?

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Maybe they just don't spend as much money on food?
I sure do feel a lot better after having lost 80 pounds.

Being fat is demotivating. It makes you feel like you're stuck in this holding cell that some people refer to as body.

I couldn't even tie my shoelaces without ramming my own knee into my gut. It was pathetic.

Going from fat to thin sure works wonders for your optimism.
Being fat sucks. In every way.
Amen, brotha!
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