Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Makes me smile

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Since I have three sons, a friend mailed this link to me today:

A Mother's Duty: Preparing Boys for Girls

It offers an amusing look at the differences between the sexes, especially as teenagers. From the audio: "My sons have a total of four emotional gears: Happy, sad, mad and hungry. My daughter's emotional landscape, on the other hand, is like a tempest..."

There is some guy loving to over-analyze sometime (or better say: deep-analyze as it is not enough for us) *cough* ;-)

However like she said, she doesn't even know how to prepare for it!

What I liked (and I heard my chick said something like that too and somehow that is true):

"if you always know where you are going, what fun will the trip be?"
My brother and his wife are both head shrinkers; they analyze their cat.
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