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Fun fact - self-storage units

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Have you ever wondered why you see self-storage units (also known as mini-storage) popping up all over the place? From an article in today's paper:

This is very interesting, Marshall - thanks for posting. I had to rent a storage facility a few weeks ago and was amazed to learn that there were 7 within one mile of my home! I hadn't even noticed because they just sort of blended into the cityscape. This, in turn, got me wondering about possible related business/investment opportunties.

Would you be willing to provide the source of the stats you included in your post?

Chuck Barbo, founder of Shurgard, a self-storage company founded in Olympia, south of Seattle, spoke to our business school a couple of years back. (As I was introducing him, I got to use the old Stephen Wright-ism: "If you had everything in the world, where would you put it? Here's the man who solved that problem...")

One of the remarkable things about his story is how the initial business model assumed a relative sparse density of sites. As business grew, he discovered demand for even more self-storage centers in places previously considered "saturated." A similar observation on coffee shops was echoed by Orrin Smith (Starbucks) during a presentation several weeks later.
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I also had to rent a storage locker a few weeks back, I used and found that I had way more storage places near me than I could have ever dreamed. It's amazing.
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Of course self-storage unites are very comfortable, as for me I move from one place to another very often now and I'd better keep something in storage then to move it every time
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Sometimes self storage is very useful, especially when you move from one place to another. But I've never thought that it becomes so popular now days. Thank you to author for numbers.
That first one is the best one I've seen in the thread so far.
I know people use self storage, but wow that's a lot! I guess people are buying more and have a hard time getting rid of things.
Self-storage units are very useful, if you ask me. Especially for the things you don't necessary need.
There are various reasons why people choose to rent a storage unit and among these is the guaranteed security that their priceless items will be protected. There are also those who move a lot and they want some of their things to be kept in just one place.
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What a good post!
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