Thursday, September 29, 2005

Makes me think

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In this article, a typical high-achievement college student talks about how bad engineering education is getting at the college level.

Confessions of an Engineering Washout

It leads me to believe that the American university system as we know it is probably doomed, at least for technical education.

See also Emphasis on Teaching.


I've been waiting for you to take a look at how the concept of college might be different in the future maybe within the next 10-20 years on your SadTech site, but I think your final vertebrane conclusion has shut down your SadTech site. What else is there to say?

Could you explore the SadTech theme of college in the near future.
Much of the problem is that employers outside of the sciences don't weigh an A from science differently from an A from liberal arts. As a result, gaining a science education entails accepting a substantial penalty in post-graduation employability unless you stay in science.
Not much has changed in 20 years, it looks like to me. A friend of mine and I were discussing this - there are people who go to college who must be engineers. This person identified himself as someone who really wasn't interested, but was getting an engineering degree for the $$. Not sure I want him getting an engineering degree, at least not from my alma mater.
As near as I can see - the system is working.
Reading this blog was nostalgic, and glad I graduated an engineer. I unfortunately, don't hold my title of an engineer such as the person in this blog did, as a meal ticket. I hold it as many engineers do as a badge, giving the passionate the official emblem to break out and create. I'm no time punching arrogant nerd. But in heart, an entreprenuer, and enduring the pain that he mentions, is only for the commited. I never pictured myself to have any other degree but an engineering one.
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