Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New idea - floating airport

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San Diego group promotes floating airport

From the article: "A local group is promoting a plan to replace Lindbergh Field with an international airport off the coast of San Diego. The proposed floating airport would be located in the Pacific Ocean, between the Orange County line and the Mexican border."

There are several different ideas that break off from this one. For example:

I remembered the following article in Scientific American. According to it, a Tsunami is not a threat in the open ocean. The question is how deep does the water have to be for this to be true.

The other interesting thing is that Tsunami's travel at near the speed of sound in the open ocean. From the article: With speeds that can exceed 700 kilometers per hour in the deep ocean, a tsunami wave could easily keep pace with a Boeing 747. Despite its high speed, a tsunami is not dangerous in deep water. A single wave is less than a few meters high, and its length can extend more than 750 kilometers in the open ocean.
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