Tuesday, October 11, 2005

helpful - cost of inkjet photos

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Why do-it-yourself photo printing doesn't add up

Once my wife started printing her pictures, we quickly figured out that Walmart's digital photo printing service does a better job then our fairly expensive printer (and the ink is close to 100CDN per refill). I think Walmart comes out to about $4.50CDN for 24 prints, or something like that... Plus, if they screw up the picture, then they are responsible for it, not you!
For that very reason, I have been trying to find a good color laser printer. It's a substantial investment up front, but toner is a lot cheaper than ink.

In making 50 copies of my Lomby Zombie game, I ate up nearly 20 ink tanks (6 seperate colors). Which means I spent nearly $400 in ink alone. Halfway through, I found a cheaper place to buy 3rd party ink and that saved me some... but a laser jet would have saved a ton more
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