Friday, October 21, 2005

Helpful - Large Monitors

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According to this article and my own personal experience:

A Large Monitor Makes You More Productive

Far, far more productive.

At the urging of a friend I started using a two-monitor setup about 9 months ago. This gives me 3,200 by 1,200 pixels on the desktop. I am the kind of person who likes to have lots of windows open at the same time, and it really helps to have the extra real estate. It cuts down on or eliminates all of the time you spend juggling windows so that you can see them.

I would seriously consider going to a 3- or 4-monitor setup. The one advantage of a two-monitor setup is that it is easy to do. It is easy to find cheap graphics cards that produce the outputs for two monitors. And most laptops now have two-monitor support built in. My wife's latop is running two monitors -- the laptop's normal screen plus an external LCD monitor set up side by side.

As the article says, "In two decades of research, Czerwinski had never seen a single tweak to a computer system so significantly improve a user's productivity."

I totally agree with you. One of the clients I worked for provided us with 5 year old laptops with incredibly small resolution screens. It almost was impossible to do your job with such little realistate and a computer that would lock up three or four times a day.
I've had lots of experience with this problem.

I am very quick using my computer and I like to multi-task quite often. I used to run dual 18" flat screen monitors until I started primarily using my TABLET PC.

Once I got the tablet, I missed my dual screens, but the ease of using a tablet pen actually made things faster than with dual monitors!

Using the pen means you don't have to track the location of the mouse, so you can keep your attention focused on the computer screen at all times.

I like PCs OK, and like Macs a bit more . . . I hope Windows copies the fairly new Mac feature -- touch a designated hot corner of your screen and every window from every application shrinks as much as necessary to arrange them all for instant access. If any activity is happening (like a web page loading, a CD importing, etc.) the window still shows the activity, just click the window you want and it zooms to the front. Of course, having a dual monitor is still great, but Exposé is a nice way to get to the window you need quickly.
Your PCI bus if your friend.

Buy a few of these, and you can hook up around 12 monitors to a single computer.
I am still looking for a solution to be able to work/design with two mice working at the same time. What is the use of having one hand standing almost idle while the other one makes the bulk of the job? Anyone knows if this configuration is possible? Where is the info?
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