Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A funny way to look at "Intelligent Design"

Here is a different way to think about the theory of Intelligent Design:

     Intelligent Design Made Mankind?

Comments/suggestions/improvements/rebuttals are appreciated.

by the time you got down to the part about the little plastic bag called the "scrotum" I was rolling on the floor

Thank you for a good belly laugh
Here is another one you do not mention. Our eyes have a blind spot because the nerve pathways lie over top of the retina rather than below. Many other animals do it correctly, with the pathways underneath the retina and they have no blind spot.
For the record I'm no advocate of ID, but couldn't the point be simply made that we were created with flaws to test our character? I didn't read your other peice, but God does not concern himself with suffering, he concerns himself with character.

There is some irony in that beliving in God and being arrogant of that belief is evolutionary advantage, which would explain over half the population believing in such.
Here's a similar article The Great Designer Mythology.
For example:
...The normal opening of the maxillary sinus is high above its floor and is poorly placed for natural drainage."

Knowledge of gravity has not been a strong point in the repertoire of the intelligent designer.
I actually think that the scrotum issue is difficult to explain evolutionarily too. Evolution could also appearently have made testicles that workes at a higher temperature. In many species it did. There is probably some other very non-obvious reason in the human case. For instance, we can't make vitamic c because that gene pathway is broken, but the pathway is broken because broken pathways were favored millions of years ago when our ancestors were fruit eating monkeys and got all the vitamin C they needed from diet.
I think the platypus is the best evidence that there is no creator.
Building character?! How does a misplaced nerve pathway build character!?

"Ah, yes. I was reaching for the trophy, I was gunna have it all, baby. But then God misdesigned a nerve in our eyes when he created us, and I plummeted into humility!"
What if there's a web site out there that would let you create your own human body so that when you get very old, say 75, you can then transfer your soul or whatever into this human body that you have just created and ordered on the web. And then when someone asks you "where do you work out?" you reply with "I dont! This is my new body from"
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Weak and pathetic. There is no point to argue facts vs. dogma. People who accept dogma accept it on "blind faith."

The author should try seeing some wonder and goodness in the world instead of a lot of smelly armpits.

Wasting mind bandwidth contemplating the inadequacy of one's scrotom is certainly no way to become more enlightend, either.
Wow!!! 'Proof' of evolution right here in the comments: first 'Brian1625', then the clade including 'Brian' and 'anonymous' posting identical text (one minute apart) echoing the bias of 'Brian1625', demonstrating both their identical ancestry and, also that, in some ways, some cerebral exudate can be every bit as 'smelly' as armpits. -- blzbob
To put it another way..

Marshall was equating intelligence with perfection. My point was merely that it is not a perfect system because god is not concered with pefection he is concerned with character.
oh and again, I'm not an advocate of ID, and I agree with what Marshall is saying I just want an open debate which is why I'm playing Devil's Advocate.
Actually, no: There is a point to these arguments.

Just because people don't turn on the spot, doesn't mean that they aren't turned.

People know when you're trying to persuade them of something. And they need time to corroborate with people who understand their own perspective better than they themselves do, and ask them the hard questions that was presented to them.

After the foreign perspective, and the wise people of their own perspective have their say, perhaps years down the line, in the quiet of their own mind, away from outside influences: that is when people change their minds.

These web pages and these meetings: These are where we debate and exchange ideas. We don't actually convert here. You will only very rarely see someone convert on the spot, mid-debate. Because people need to consult with the others in their community, even when you make a good point.

Arguments can all be undercut, and people know this, and so consult many people before making a decision.

Passages of Perspective.
God isn't interested in technology.

He knows nothing of the potential of the microchip or the silicon revolution.

Look how he spends his time! Forty three species of parrot! Nipples for men! Slugs!

He created slugs!

They can't hear! They can't speak! They can't operate machinery!

I mean, are we not in the hands of a lunatic?

If I were creating a world, I wouldn't mess about with butterflies and daffodils.

I would have started with lasers.

Eight o'clock --Day One!
"I love [technology]!" -- Harry Potter
Deism is the religion of our country's founders. It is reason based. Science is its bible.

It is an excellent alternative to modern Christian mythology.
Oh and Marshall this just hit me. We can agree with Cars are products of intelligent design right? But they're not perfect, they waste a lot of energy.

So in a sense, you're simply debunking "Perfect Design" not "Intelligent Design"

I dedunk ID at another angle via the relativity. I won't post it here though.
Ok, it's hard to make an impressionable point with typos. Being sick and typing is not a good idea, But you know what I meant. :)
So God has less than perfect intelligence? God is an imperfect designer? So imperfect, that God makes it look exactly as if evolutionary tracks had been followed, to make man?
No, God is not an imperfect, but if his design was perfect what would man be left to do? Earth is not heaven.
The "Bible" has been edited and tinkered with by so many people with nefarious agendas over the centuries that it is nearly worthless as anything more than an interesting artifact.
I just found your book online and it's amazing. Thank you! I feel like I have conservations w/ children when I try to talk to Christians. It is all a fairy tale.

I'm a student in a MFA program. My emphasis is on poetry. I just wrote a poem about how Santa and god are alike -- before reading your examples! we must think a like. Anyway, at my poetry reading Saturday evening, I upset a few people, but what can you do? I'm just trying to make sense of the world, trying to understand... and then I'm told I'm being harsh. Yea. Whatever.

Is your book Why God Hate Amputees published in book form?? I looked for it on Amazon, but couldn't find it. I would love to buy copies and give them to my friends and family for Christmas.

Also have you done public readings from this book? If you're ever in Omaha, Neb. I run a reading here at a local bookstore and it would be great to hear you read from your work.

my email is

if you want to email me back
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