Thursday, November 10, 2005

Makes me smile

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Here are three things to start the weekend off with a smile:Enjoy!

Wow, I have a comment for three of those:

1. Rickards Red (a beer here in Canada) has an ad that has the exact same song and people dressed up in choir robes, but it is not quite the same scale or intensity. Coincidence?

2. You might be able to somehow extract the gif in Photoshop, but it has been a long time since I have done something like that

3. Cool illusion. I always wondered if there are people out there who can't see these illusions, other than blind people, ;-). Thoughts on that?
You can stop the Paris Hilton animation using the "Stop" tool in the IE Tool Bar. Use the "Refresh" tool right next to it to get animation started again.

Wow, you wrote this. This is like a dream come true. i wish one day to free myself of this waste producing hump of organic waste and attach me, the electronic organ leaching this body and attach myself to the virtual world. i wish to see the future and watch the evolution of humanity itself. Whether I watch humanity till it destroies itself or time end, i wants to see. But that's a different story. I hope your words are true and can sing across this earth. I hope that we as humans can free ourselves off bodies.

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