Monday, February 13, 2006

Makes me smile - A video care package

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This past weekend a friend sent me a "video care package." I thought I would share it. Do you have a favorite?

I'd say the "Worst Job" one was my favourite, I didn't see it coming for once
I like the iPod flea one because they were able to work it from so many angles. The "flea collar", "flea market" etc.

After watching all these, I have a smile on my face too.
Marshall you might want to put a disclaimer next to that dry-ice bomb one...those kids could've been severely injured handling that the way they did! I performed a similar experiment years ago in my bathtub...the explosion blew down the shower-curtain and rod, and made the plaster fall off the walls so that all the nail-heads were visible.
iPod Flea!

For Mac users: Is "Crash different" true now? Is it still that bad with the latest version of the OS?
Here is another good one:

Thinking about having children?
have you seen this one?
this one beats the ninjas.

If I was the ninjas, I would have left out the blooper reel.
The basketball one is good, but the Ninja are way better IMHO.
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