Sunday, February 26, 2006

Quad Full High Definition

The world's most advanced LCD TV - 56-inch and 3840 x 2160 pixels

This is the first time I've heard of QFHD: "a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and an astonishing 8.29 million pixels." We haven't even standardized HDTV yet, and already we are in the process of leapfrogging it.

The info you share could have a price, like the "exclusive" info so many scum-marketeers are "sharing" on the internet. What you are doing is a service to the public. I read your essays too, excellent and very thought stimulating. Altho im not american:) Should i worry for the economy of the richest island in EU? (South Cyprus) I will give it a thought!
(8.29 million pixels * 60 updates / 1 second)

* (16 (565RGB) bits lets say / 1 pixel)

* (1 kbit / 1024 bit)

* (1 Mbit / 1024 Kbit)

* (1 Gbit / 1024 Mbit)

= 7.41 Gbit/sec = fast enough to be supported by 10-gigabit Ethernet.

(Someone check my math?)

Your Ethernet card probably is "10/100Base-T," which sounds competitive, right? Nope! 100Base-T runs at 100Mb/s. That's megabit, not gigabit.

At 100Mb, you're at roughly one tenth of a Gbit, and the cable I just talked about has 10 Gbit, so we're talking roughly 100x faster than your Ethernet card.

Just for your monitor. And I'm not doing any calculations here, thinking about: "What, practically, does it take to have some process where you set all that memory aright." You know, for example: You have to have a ton of 3D graphics cards, to figure out what all the pixels should say, in order to paint your enormous picture.

That said, the good news is: "Computer graphics are embarassingly parallelizable."
i think this is the real High Definition :P
Yes, I believe that HDTV could be leapfrogged but it won't because, as we've all seen, legislation and industry in-fighting is completely stifling innovation. Look how long its taking for HDTV to take off? Or the fight over BlueRay (or whatever they're calling it) discs. Imagine what we could be using BitTorrent for if so many people weren't afraid of lawsuits that have nothing to do with copyright protection. Anyway, Marshall, I'm a big fan and appreciate the time you put into your site.
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What happened to WebKEW?
Two images you may be interested in:

(1) (2)

These are demonstrations of a very large display at CES 2006.
Two images you may be interested in:

(1) (2)

These are demonstrations of a very large display at CES 2006.
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