Monday, March 20, 2006

Another video care package

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Another video care package arrived:

Those jumping guys are amazing. This one is pretty good too. \
Couple thoughts:

-Jumping guys are nuts. That one park like place at the beginning looked pretty cool. Sort of like it was built exactly for the sport.

-Airshows are awesome, but they freak me out. Standing that close to a vehicle such as that Chinook while it does all those things is crazy!

- The Mythbusters ruled that the bottle rocket one was impossible. Pretty neat how they set it up, but the biggest challenge was getting all rockets to fire at the same time.
Pretty hard to walk naturally with a rifle in your pants. But the rest is pretty believable.
I'm suprised they didn't have the Chinook flying upside down. They did just about everything else.
Here is how they did the lightsabers in Ryan vs. Dorkman. ROTOSCOPING THE LIGHTSABER
That jumping thing is actually a french urban sport called Parkour, or free running. It's insane. I love it. :-)

If you thought the A380 was big, check out this!!
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