Friday, March 17, 2006

idea - Time for a new cookbook

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What if you took this list:

The 29 Healthiest Foods on the Planet

... and created a cookbook that contained only those 29 ingredients? Then if you ate nothing but food from this cookbook you be be one of the healthiest people on the planet. Combine it with the right exercise program, and perhaps importality is within reach...

And if they are not as healthy when combined? ;)
Javier has a point. I have not read the article yet, however *food combination* is something we often overlook (and it is not something that we really understand for the common of us). Nutrition is one of those topics where if you read everything, you get mixed up. Maybe beside listening to all thing, we should study the root of the subject (at less what is documented and what people think they have figured out :P).

It is like fish, it kicks for Omega-3, but a lot of people claim that in practice, it is a source of mercure (probably because of contamination) and therefore is not as good.
This is also a good one (with a few more choices)
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