Friday, March 10, 2006

New idea - 6 stroke engine

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An interesting take on a gasoline/steam hybrid engine:

Inside Bruce Crower’s Six-Stroke Engine

From the article:

If you were to inject water with the gas (2 injectors) in a normal 4-cycle engine, would you get the same effect?
From what I understand, no. The cylinders have to be very hot for the water to vaporize at a high speed. The injection of water with the gasoline will impede ignition and ultimately the water would not all vaporize.
Someone used to sell plans for a homemade water injection unit - I saw these advertised specifically for the Corvair and other air-cooled engines. The water was injected along with the fuel/air mixture and served the same purpose as increasing octane - eliminating pre-ignition and I think it enabled you to increase combustion.
Not getting this one are we. Water injection with fuel does work, it lowers the temp of the charge and is used on many rally cars and high performance turbo charged cars. This is not the same, what he has done is added another power stroke, but instead of using fuel it uses water.
Its one of those ideas you thing, how did no one else see this? The basics of it are that you get a free push from each cylinder, and we know that water injection will clean the bores of the engine too so realistically this is going to be a super clean engine in more ways than one.
definitely the concept is very innovative,car makers should give more kicks to their r & d centres to develop this kinda engine and put in commercial use.the use of simple water injected engine woulb be a boon for the auto industry...
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