Thursday, March 16, 2006

New idea - Amazon storage service

[See previous] S3 storage service available today

From the article:I am sure that other smaller companies are offering services like this, but Amazon is a big player and makes it legitimate.

What I will be interested to see is whether or not other companies now start offering the same thing at a lower price. Hard disk space is cheap these days. Here is a 250GB drive for $89. That's only 36 cents per gig. In other words, it takes only two months for Amazon to recover the cost of the hard disk space you use. Yes, Amazon has bandwidth and backup costs, but there is likely still a large markup in there, meaning plenty of room for competition.

A couple weeks ago I discussed the idea of doing this sort of thing using peer-to-peer networks. See this post for details. In that case, storage space on the network would be free.

Given the current state of affairs, I would be more likely to trust Amamzon with my data before I trusted Google.

I would use a P2P service doing the same thing, but what would be the effect on my bandwidth?
There are quite a few services out there like this, one good one is "" It is free up to 1GB of storage.
It looks like is charging $1/GB/month. Is that right? And Amazon is 15 cents per month.
Yes, but if you only need 1GB, is free.
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