Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tired of waiting?

A friend of mine is raving about this board:

Gigabyte's i-RAM storage device

It lets you make a very fast 4GB disk drive out of RAM. How fast? This video shows how you can use it to load Windows XP in about 6 seconds:

Loading Windows

The board is particularly handy if you have a smallish database (less than 4GB) and you need to make it go really fast.

Startup time is not important. You start your computer once every few days.

Platypus technology had good software for their ram disk board. That company is rumored to be bankrupt. But use that software to find what files to move to make the system faster under normal to heavy load.

That is where you get the benifiets.
I write software that automates migrations from Windows to Linux.

We test our software with over 15 Linux distributions.

As you can imagine, that's a lot of turning off and turning on computers, and that's a lot of repeat installs. (We use virtualization, too, but we don't trust it as much.)

This could help us a lot.
I wrote the first anon comment about Platypus.

This product is more interesting in the 32 bit world. With 64 bit processors it makes more sense to to use the RAM as system RAM.

Non volitile logfile disks for SQL server and similar software may be the exception, but put RAM in the system memory first.
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