Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wombs for rent

This is the other odd thing in the news today - surrogate mothers in India who do the job for $5,000 per child:

Wombs for Rent, Cheap

In the past, surrogate parenting has been fairly rare because it has been quite expensive. Does this lowering of cost lead to the natural, capitalistic expansion of the concept? Do thousands of young urban women living in the U.S. decide that they do not want to sacrifice their figures for childbirth, and this becomes the norm? Do we see large "birthing farms" arise in places like India and China filled with thousands of women gestating babies?

If it becomes the norm, it is easy to imagine other extensions. For example, there are web sites where you can purchase human sperm, and web sites where you can purchase human eggs. Will someone consolidate the sperm and egg purchasing with a birthing farm and let anyone order a baby? You simply select the sperm and egg you want, enter your credit card information and approximately 9 months later you get an email: "Your baby is ready!" You can come pick it up, or they will arrange a flight and your baby arrives for you at the nearest airport.

Once that Web Site is in place, it is easy to imagine this DrudgeReport headline: "11 year old with dad's credit card orders baby sister! Parents shocked when new baby arrives from India." It is easy to imagine lots of other things as well.

Next they have to genetically engineer giant storks with programmable homing instincts and air holes in their beaks.
The child asks "Mommy, how are babies made?" The parent answers "THey come from the internet sweetheart"
Knowing the DrudgeReport the headline also would be in BOLD UNDERLINED RED and have a flashing police light .gif above it.

That guy is so predictable, it is great! :-)
This will make it easy for homosexual couples to have children.
I think they will be used for cloning.

If you want a real dark side to the story imagine a stalker or parent who loses a custody battle reproducing another person so they can "have a copy"

Imagine a male world class pervert cloning their favorite model, actress, or porn star.

Imagine a world class female criminal reproducing any rich male to get a baby old enough to get sperm ina few years and then using that to sue for child support.

Cloning like time travel not only has many dark sides, it is basicly a dark crystal.

Don't touch it...
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