Sunday, May 28, 2006

Casting your own plastic gears

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you have a plastic part and you need to make a copy of it? For example, I have a toy that contains a plastic gear that is trashed (several teeth broken off). The toy contains another gear that is identical and is in good shape. How do you make a copy of the good gear so you can replace the bad gear?

The answer is: Make a silicone rubber mold of the good gear, and then cast a copy of it using urethane resin.

Here's a nice set of videos that shows you the entire process:

Casting plastic parts with silicone molds

Or you could possibly order one from
Wow, I have done any casting in many years, this is good information to have handy.

>Or you could possibly order one

Yea sure, if you're willing to
purchase about 5000 minimum parts
to get a price of about $3 for
each part, for a total of $15,000+!

No thanks, I'll cast my own parts,
Thanks, I had a plastic gear strip in an expensive laser color laser printer and they want $200 to replace the entire part. Now I can make my own, and "stick it to the man".
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