Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This site is getting a lot of coverage right now, and the idea is pretty interesting if you need to track someone or some thing in real time:


Has anyone tried this? Does it actually work as advertised?
This *is* neat.


I thought of doing something like this when I was a bike courier in Washington DC.

For a year and a half I worked a payroll route, that ran between the 16th and K St Connecticut Avenue corridor to Dupont Circle and Georgetown, where I averaged 12 and a half deliveries an hour, that is in less than every 5 minutes I was making another drop at another building, or 100 drops every 8 hours, and I did it Post Office style working in a range of temperature between below zero to over a hundred, in all sorts of weather.

Always felt if done right, the new video game consoles that are coming out are just now about to handle the level of detail that goes into this job to make an interesting video game out of it. This program could make a nice skeleton to hang everything else on it on.

Between 1 Jan to the 23rd of September last year, working no more than 4 or so hours per day I made 4,598 discrete deliveries.

I used a Nextel so it would have been easy to use this program.

My current level of activity isn't near that, but it would be interesting to test it out on what I'm doing now, since I work in Times Square, though I'm told GPS isn't all that accurate in that location. I've got a Boost Nextel which works with this program but first I'll have to buy the USB cable.

With the advent of this self-surveilling tech I'm wondering when Nextel switches to the next gen wireless spectrum, which if memory serves will be imminent, if a lot more cool features will added to it.

I predict that this will be adapted by the general populace very rapidly, by parents keeping on top of their kids and Corporate America keeping tabs on their business, expense account travelers.

As James Cagney said in his last motion picture, "1,2,3" "...uh, oh, the bloodhounds are closing in...

I'm definitely going to do this and I'll send you the data-points sometime in near future, since your own of my favorite people, ever, on the whole world wide web, and this looks like it can be a fun topic to bat back and forth with you.


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