Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just what you'd expect...

It's just what you expect in a Robotic Nation -- the economy is growing vigorously, but very few people (outside the wealthiest) are seeing any benefit from that growth. Reports this week confirm that the process is even affecting people with college degrees:

College-grad wages stuck in a slump

From the article:As robots move into the economy, we will see more and more of this trend. For details see:

I'm also seeing the impact of automation on my own job.

I have a masters in computer science and am now a software developer with a big (and I mean real big) company.


You used to require real smarts and intellect to do what I do now. You used to require programming skills. And programming is what makes computer science fun. Programming is why people go into computer science in the first place, as it is an outlet for your creativity.

I'm building standard insert/delete/update functionality on top of tables now. And I do it using SAP Netweaver. A program which has completely sucked the soul out of software development.

All I do is click and drag stuff. Source code is not something you type in anymore; it's something you copypaste from all the other tables which are already completed.

I studied my ass off to get where I am today, only to be put to work on conveyor belt type of work.

In the future, we will build software by designing it and then hitting the 'build app' button.

In the future, ICT people won't be ICT people anymore. They'll be designers/managers/whathaveyou that happen to have ICT-knowledge.
We have to go for new challenges.

Just assume that you can not write anything you can buy, you must create something new or substanially better.

My boss went off on the cost of IT one day and I reminded him that his company used to have 12 men and 4 women just in the IT department. They all made house payments.

Now he has me and the sum of consultans which I keep at 60% of my salary. So He went from 12X to 1.6X.

He saw my point and said what happened?

I said Microsoft Excel happened. The average worker can go from thier own inspiration to a project without IT's help. The same is true of all of the Office suites reducing tasks that use to done by IT and are now done by people when they want.

Frameworks like Java and .NET now handle the simple things like sorting lists that use to be classes in college.

If the colleges reviewed the real world, they could cut out 40% of the classes and move on to higher end subjects.

We have to move up the food chain.

We have to go to higher challenges!
Are the effects really due to robotics and automation or do we have something else going on? For example, could it have more to do with oil as we approach peak oil? If it was due to automation and robotics would we not also see more opportunities in robotics? At least in research?

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