Sunday, July 02, 2006

Predicting the future in Manna

It is not clear to me which is more interesting in this article:
  1. The fact that "Hyperactive Bob" has been invented and is being deployed in a fast food restaurant

  2. The fact that this technology was predicted in the book Manna

  3. The fact that this article puts connects "Hyperactive Bob" and Manna together.
In any case, thanks very much to for this article:

Hyperactive Bob Fast Food Management Robot.

If you would like to read more about where the "Hyperactive Bob" technology will lead us, read Manna.

Not surprised to see it. Actually after reading "Manna", I thought seriously about starting a software company and building the Manna system, but talked myself out of it.

One of the dollar stores is using something similar.

I think enslavement will probably not occur because remote manipulation will come on line sooner than later and simply eliminate humans. The issue will be for folks like Zaxby's; if you eliminate humans, humans don't have jobs and then who buys your product. The robots don't need it.

The real challenge (which you discuss in Manna) is how will we transition to something like particpatory economics. I think we can, but the upheaval getting there will be exponentially worse than the industrial revolution.

The folks at the very bottom will be impacted first and hardest and it will be difficult to keep society from breaking down as we attempt a transition.
The previous post beat me to it - you can't help but wonder if HyperActive didn't take the Manna text, spend an hour or three editing it, and come up with a business plan.

Perhaps Marshall should've filed a patent ("System and Method for Automated Control of Human Beings")
How can I buy shares in the Australia project?
and version of a "Manna" system has a core weakness in that it doesn't know truth from lies.

Sure I emptied the trash.. I dumped it in the bathroom.

So manna can sugest, but can't fully manage anything until it has the code and senses to know that a task is properly done and done with professional quality.
I thought I heard that Marshall had a patent for this system... must have heard wrong.

Gotta agree with anonymous though, if an Australia project with Marshall's backing appeared, I would definately invest. Guess the technology is still a few years away...
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