Friday, July 28, 2006

Three interesting ways to fly

The first is a tiny one-person helicopter. It is interesting because: a) It has co-axial counter-rotating blades, b) it has four engines, and c) It is so small (only weighs 155 pounds). You can find a short video here:

Gen H-4 video

You can find photos and specs, including a photo-essay on how to build one, here:

Gen H-4 site

Then there is the Manta Ray kite thing that you tow behind your boat. This got a lot of press lately because dozens of people got hurt using it in the U.S. and it was essentially banned. But it still looks like fun:

Manta Ray video

Then there were these personal helium balloons that I saw in NY city:

Snapple helium balloons

Each balloon is about 20 feet in diameter. You strap in with a harness and you could go as high as the tether would let you.

Still no personal flying cars a la the Jettsons, unfortunately. But air taxis are getting a lot closer:

Eclipse Light Jet OK'd

And of course, there's a one-winged F-15.
That little helicopter is very cool.
a bad way to fly

Blue angels pass out
This is the way to really fly as cheaply as possible.
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