Friday, August 18, 2006

A different look at Killer Whales

We have been to Sea World with the kids (ages 8, 6, 4 and 4) and the kids LOVE Shamu. They have Shamu plush toys that they sleep with, etc. Orcas are very cool animals.

But if you watch this video you get a different feeling about Shamu...

It's interesting how "marketing" and "reality" can be so different.

Whale Sharks are a lot nicer. "Harmless to humans". But they probably don't do tricks.
I was impressed that Shamu didn't actually break that woman's skin at all!

Ultimately these are wild animals and really are just a few fish treats away from eating their trainers.

They're just big puppies. I've seen my dog 'play' with squirrels in the same way and accidently kill them. Really it's just exciting to have something that moves and makes noise...the woman's screams were probably just encouraging the whale.

Same with the tossing of the seal in the ocean. You gotta admit that'd be pretty fun to kick something that high and far.

Honestly look at Buzkashi...what the whales are doing is not really any different than something we humans do for sport.
Yeah, but for some reason whales and dolphins have this can-do-no-wrong image. I mean, if they're smart lke humans, that would probably make them more evil, yet for some reason people expect just the opposite. Those were killer videos by the way. Hahaha, it's a pun.
In an article published a few days ago, some scientists now believe that dolphins might not be as intelligent as once thought.

This quote from the article hits it home, "Manger also points to the tuna industry, which under consumer pressure has gone to great lengths to prevent dolphins from being caught and killed by accident in nets. "If they were really intelligent they would just jump over the net because it doesn't come out of the water," he said."

I wonder if the same applies to all Cetaceans.
And here I thought the only reason they didn't have technology far surpassing ours was because they couldn't make fire or light bulbs under water.
Gee .. if only the narrator had focused on what the seals were hunting & killing when they weren't being hunted & killed ...
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