Sunday, September 24, 2006

The earth's demographics...

Brought down to a scale that everyone can understand:

They didnt' account for that .001 person who controls 75% of the world's wealth. Guess they ate him.
A while back I came across a throw away item in the Wall Street Journal's B Section, underneath the fold, that stated that this tiny island state, (sadly I can't remember the name), had a GDP of 3.25 trillion dollars, which the article went on to say represented 5% of the GDP of all te nations in the world.

So I multiplied the 3.25 trillion dollars by 20 to figure out what all the money in the world, according to the Wall Street Journal, is.

It's 65 trillion dollars.

I then divided the 65 trillion dollars, (all the money in the world), by the current world's population of 6.5 billion people, (all the people in the world), and it came out to $10,000.00 per person.

That's pretty elegant, as far as math goes, you can't ask for any better.

Obviously, since we have Bill Gates, and hundreds of others in the billionaire category, on one end of the spectrum, and 75% of all people alive today who get by on anywhere between a dollar or two a day, (most of whom who never even heard a dial tone, never mind making a phone call), or roughly a little over $500 a year, on the other end of the spectrum, the wealth of the planet is not being divided equally.

The World Bank has as its stated goal to "eliminate world poverty."

Since the $10,000.00 figure is close to the baseline of what is considered poverty under the standard of living in the USA, wouldn't be easier, instead of trying, and failing, to eliminate poverty, to make it universal?

E.O. Wilson, in a Scientific American a few years back on human growth and populations has stated that the "carrying cost" of human life is about $5k a year, which is half of that $10K figure.

What if we were to find a way for everyone to have their basic needs, as shown in Maslow's Pyramid, met from birth?

Might eliminate a lot of what we fight over, from the get-go.

We've mapped the earth from the time the first satellite pointed a camera at earth and took a picture, and have mapped the human genome, and with the the doubling computer processing power every two years or so, it can be possible to figure out a better way of doing things than we are today.
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