Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rube goldberg machines

But Why?
Best watched with the sound off :)
Rube Goldberg has over-engineered machine contests-- they actually look a lot of fun. This year's competition is to design a machine that will pour a glass of oj in 20 steps or more...
In the same vein as anonymous' comment, I just went to a new McDonalds that opened and noticed they now have a machine that seems to link into the computer system for dispensing drinks.
Without human interaction, the right size cup drops onto a moving tray, the tray moves to the ice, some drops in, then moves to the correct flavor. When all the drinks are done they all rotate to the front, a person just needs to put the lid on.
I bet the primary reason for not putting the lids on is so the employees can still spit into the drinks. Only way for them to get out all that pent-up anger they have at being stuck in such horrible jobs.
Turn that up!
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