Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The coming video game crash?

I came across this article today and it offers an interesting perspective on video games. Is he right or wrong?

Life After the Video Game Crash

From the article:

I really don't believe in this so called,"video game crash"......
It's just not possible.....
I don't think video games will go out of style.

I guess, once video games reach a photo realism level and the market gets sensitized to that, they really can't go any further in that direction. How can you make something more real? I suppose you could move towards VR and technologies like that...

Ultimately video games will have to have their novelty provided by the actual content of the game will have suffice. Hopefully writers and designers can come up with cool ideas to support the market.

One has to look at it this way. Sure video game came and became more popular than board games, but board games are still in existence and are a profitable market.
Video games of today are ALOT more than just graphically prettier.

Physics engines provide far more realistic cause and effect reactions. AI engines provide for far more realistic and adaptive interactions. Online play, MMORPGs, enlist social dimensions and strategy to gaming.

Downloadable content is finally starting to hit mainstream from the original MOD-ing community. This will eventually enlist the customer directly into game sharing and creation.

Finally, haptics are finally starting to hit the market. Motion sensing controllers may finally make gaming more than couch potato fodder.

Oh my, I guess video games have indeed gone stagnant. (I need a sarcasm font for that last statement, where o' where is my sarcasm font?)
People will create new types of games. There is life beyond the FPS.
Graphics aren't everything. Just look at the popularity of web flash games.

As well, proponents of 'the video game crash' would have a hard time expaining why the original "Counter Strike" has over twice as many online players as the new and prettier "Counter Strie: Source".
Source: http://www.steampowered.com/v/index.php?area=stats&
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What will kill videos games is the market rigging of hyping a system and then not having enough systems available at the peak of the hype.

Xbox and Xbox 360 tried this nonsense and got bit. Sony will be bitten by a lack of available ps3's.

HD DVD and Blue Ray are worse for trying to get rich quick with players costing too much in the first year. These are all licsensing fees not component costs.

What good is 1080i or 1080p when no one will broadcast in it? If people wanted obscene resolution you couldn't give away files on bittorent. Instead people suck down petabytes of grainy movies every day.

The money is better spent on a PC.

I would say build a small bootable OS so that you can boot from CD and bypass windows and play a game with all of the machines power.
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