Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Is planet earth growing?

Is planet earth growing? It sounds preposterous, but watch these four videos and see what you think after you watch them:(These are .mov files, and may take a minute to load before playing)

The one on the moon is..... a mind blower. When he shows the back of the moon.....

What would make these things grow? It makes no sense.....
Interesting that 'Googling' "Neal Adams" returns only articles about his career as a graphics artist -- except for http://badscience.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=22185 aka "The Bad Science Forum" -- blzbob
it's an interesting theory. but why does he say it means the big bang can't be true? and why wouldn't there have been frozen poles if the earth were smaller?
I have heard that Mt. Everst is still growing - supposedly because of plates colliding. How does Neal Adams explain that in his theory?
The videos r nice, but no way earth is growing. That is stupid.
Very compelling visual presentation.

Wonder if this works hand-in-hand with the recent "universe is still expanding" theories...
Could it be that mountains "grow" due to something other than plate collision (i.e. whatever makes the planet "grow" works at a faster rate in mountain ranges?)
Very cool... I bet that there are probably 15 other theories out there that try to explain the same phenomenon differently.

I guess it sort of boils down to where that extra volume is coming from. Is the material that makes the planets becoming 'airated' or something? Kind of like that crappy yogurt you can buy that claims to be healtheir or creamier, but really it is just 'fluffier'.

What's interesting is that all he's doing is proving that plates are moving apart. He dosn't disprove subduction, he just dissmisses it. It is possible that the earth might "grow" some, it has a hot core, and increasing in volume would decrease either preasure or tempurature, which dosn't seem impossible. I don't see any reason to take subduction out of the picture, however.
Maybe it's like when you microwave a marshmallow...
physicsforums.com got one (1) posting (back in 03-26-2006), and no answering response(s) - strange for such an argumentative group? - blzbob
The formation and continued growth of mountains is trivial and makes perfect sense in Adams' theory, they are "wrinkles" caused by the reduced curvature of an expanding sphere. Watch this: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-46667484817518064

Adams deals specifically with the Himilayas (ie, Everest) in this one: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-2241986718800154095

The theory also perfectly explains lake and sea formation, they are "stretch marks" caused by the same physics of an expanding sphere. He illustrates this with North America: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-6888786373789214102 and Europe: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-7186692979934357154

For me though, the most compelling bit of all, is his analysis of maps showing the age of the sea floor. Did you know that the continents are billions of years old, but the sea floor is only tens of millions? http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=9037111434938766438

The theory that subduction has hidden all the "old" sea floor (ya know, 3/4ths of the planet's surface) in the last 100 million years or so is just absurd.

Neal's theory is simple, elegant, and perfectly explains all the observational data without requiring continent sized plates careening around like bumper cars, driving up mountains and sliding under each other (the ad hoc and unproven subduction theory, which does not NEED to be "disproven").

The 64 trillion dollar question, of course, is what mechanism could possibly explain the Earth (and other bodies, which Neal shows observational data in support of, such as the Mars and numerous moons) growing from the inside.

If I understand his theories in this direction (and he does get highly speculative here), the idea is that dark matter (which he calls "prime matter") is drawn into the centre of gravity and transformed into "real matter".

Fascinating, mind-blowing stuff.
If the eatrh is growing then the problem with global warming just doesn't exist. Oceans will grow bigger so they can take more of the water that comes from the ice from poles. (Plz excuse my english!) Then perhaps this is something to cover global warming or it is completely true. Anything is possible.
So someone actually thinks that the problem with global warming is ice melting? I'm sorry to inform you but the consequences of a hotter earth are far greater than something melting.
Where did all the water come from?
I saw once on Discovery Channel a scientist telling that the Universe is expanding and that one day the planets will be teared apart also... so appearantly this is what is happening in a slow way all the time from the beginning. The water on earth could have been underground also, there still is water underground on earth.
That much water underground? I am finding it hard to believe.
This is a thought provoking thought but maybe the earth or planets in general are like seeds and only when a planet is within a certain distance of it's sun it "comes to life" We know that only planets a certain distance from a star or sun has the correct core temperature to grow, create an atmosphere. This makes me wonder if their is a life for planets? I mean it's not really that hard to believe we know the suns growing, and as mentioned by another the universe is growing, why not the planets? We also think of mars as a dead planet, what if it's just a hibernating planet waiting to get the nutrients for our growing sun? Maybe at one time when the sun was smaller Mercury was a habitabal planet but eventually became to much alive and thats why we see huge amounts of methane their, we know that comes from Volcanoes and maybe the planet eventually grew to big thus releasing all this volcanic material? Wow incredibly thought provoking, I'd love to see more research done in this field of science.
For first commentator: See it in whole contecst of quant theories, paleontologia, astronomics... and everything will become more understandable. This thing is not only Adams theory. He's trying to put together diferent sciences by studying them. Listen carefuly its interview on Youtube.
Keep in mind: with more larger things works other phisics rules... as well as with more smaler things we used to.
Universe should not grow for growing processes of planets. Simply imagine, that planets got this energy for growing from its closest stars, which become more weaker.
C ya!
I see lots of stupid questions which means you have not followed up on the subject. So here are some answers.

It makes no sense:
Pangea makes no sense. Have you ever seen a Pangea video without Africa and South Africa slding over each other?

Where do mountains come from?
When the crust has to change radius some parts follow the movement, they stretch, these are flatlands or lowlands (like India for example). Some parts are forced to change radious so they fold. The biggest fold should happen on the largest continent, as it also has (the Himalayas).

Why the Big Bang can't be true:
Big Bang theory says that ALL matter was created when a singularity exploded. A singularity is nothing times nothing times nothing. Is this likely to be true?

Why there were no frozen poles:
Geological fact. It has nothing to do with the theory.

About googling Neal Adams:
He is most known through his grahic art and cartoons. He didn't just make the theory up anyway so he does not take all the credit.

Does this work hand in hand with the universe is still expanding (theories)?
Not only expanding, but accellerating in expansion or growth. I would call it fact. It has been messured, and YES it does. This is one of the only theories there is that supports this fact. String theory has something about exponential growth as well, but they hold on to old assuptions. Everything is constant in two universes but the material is bouncing back and forth between these. There are too many problems with this theory anyway. The Big Bang theory works if there is negative acceleration, but there isn't so they should have dropped that ball a long time ago.

Plate collision?
It doesn't occur, it has never been prooven. The plates only break apart.

Does it just get fluffier?
If you mean lower density, no feakin way. Earth would have come from like a black hole in that case. We are talking about densities only found inside our sun or more. If you talk about more air inside the planet. Yes and no. Air is a light gas substance that gather inside our atmosphere. The gases are formed inside the earth, but so are all elements.

He doesn't disproove subduction:
The evidence of the age of the seafloor is disproof nr 1. Where pangeaists say that there is subduction there is new sea floor. Disproof nr 2: the impossibility of 1 km of seafloor being pressed down under 3 km of continental crust into a magma twice as dense as solid granit.

Could it grow just a little by reducing pressure or increase temperature?
To great pressure. Earth is not a loaf of bread. Temperature is speed of the particle. Speed a function of energy. Mass is a function of energy. E=MC^2. You pick one, it's the same thing. Something has to be made from inside the planet.

Oceans will grow bigger so they can take more of the water that comes from the ice from poles.
YES BUT the same pecentage of water will still be on Earth as hydrogen and oxygen is made as well. AND it happens very slow. Global warming is here right now. Learn the exponential function and think about 7% increase in oil use in America every year. What we do to our environment can not be denied by this.

Where all the water came from:
COME ON! He leaves it out of the animation so that you can see the landmasses. It was there before, 70% of the earth surface.

Is the universe tearing appart like I saw on discovery?
No, it's not. Don't worry. The physical laws will allways work. This is a mathematical model based on false assumptions.

So much water underground!
Please It was in the land and it flooded the rifts that opened up. There were only seas on the land before.

Is there a life for planets?
Yes. Our sun was once a planet in another solarsystem. When its star grew and as the sun grew their magnetig fields got stronger and they travelled away from each other. It became a gasgiant like Jupiter or saturn an eventually it had so much energy that it started to burn. Once in a while it threw up burning balls of material into space. One of these devided into two parts, one was earth, and one was our moon. Our planet cooled down in the cold space and slowly started growing by the energy from the sun. When it got big enough the pressure within mede it generating its own energy and it started growing. We had the perfect spot in our solarsystem to form an atmosphere. Earth will one day be a gasgiant as well, and a star.
Mercury should be the newest planet in this system and has never been habitable.
Mars never had oceans, we have oceans, but the oceans didn't create the rifts they are in, just as on mars oceans didn't create their rifts.

More questions? like, why were dinosaurs so big? Why are there vulcanoes if subcuction is a lie? Why pangea is wrong? Where did science go wrong?

This is absolutely ludicruos! The notion that the earth is growing sounds just as bad as the new ageist ramblings of David Icke about reptilians and a one world government. How can the earth be growing? Everyday materials are drilled and mined out of the earth are people really saying that the thousands of barrells of oil weigh nothing?

And saying that the earth is growing because dinosaurs somehow survived inside of the earth and through their size managed to make it grow is ridiculos. Why have we found fossils of dinosaurs if they survived?

Sometimes i think god created stupid people just to make me agitated. Push them down a fucking flight of stairs!
What if the whole earth was covered by tropical forest/climate before oceans start to grow, and there was a high moisture rate in the atmosphere, maybe this could have hold a lot of oceans water we have today.
Growing Earth Theorie rules!!!
Dinosaurs are bigger because they could be, when the planet was smaller their was less gravity, their was also more oxygen which let the insects grow bigger also. If you heat the earth up as a sea of glass and let it cool the gasses formed inside will expand it like a glass blower with a pipe in it. When the seas covered the planet or almost they were fresh water as they receeded into the rifts they took the minerals with them making salt water seas.
Did anyone tried to combine those two theories? Therefore finding middle ground for mountain sea fossils?
Hoo ha, got a little theory of my own, and by the way if you see his video on europa and not agree with his theory you are just brain dead
http://www.continuitystudios.net/clip02.html... but on to my theory...
the earth is growing like he says...dinosaurs are not alive, in fact fossils are not bones, they are mineral deposit replacements of the tissue of bones, so maybe a sixty foot dinosaur was only six feet long when he died and his mineral impression grew along with the rest of the earth...go back in time and 3 foot mosquito hawks were not three feet but regular size...and stupid people are not put here to irritate you, but they ARE still here...
It's rather obvious to me the Earth has been growing. I find it strange that people are just now starting to think on it. Does the Earth only renew/reuse what it already contains? Of course, the Earth is constantly being added to as the cosmos moves. Furthermore, the sun itself provides energy. Since plants use it as well as the dirt they grow, true? All plants start out as a small seed then grow much bigger than their initial size. Wouldn't that alone add to the Earth's size? Lets say forests over time added to the Earth, wouldn't that be a simple, true statement? Now add to the fact that animals and such also add to the Earth's size. Sure this all may occur little by little but it does happen. The Earth was indeed smaller thus how the dino's were able to live. It's also a known fact that the moon was closer to the Earth and is gradually moving further away. So the Earth is growing by several inches every year and the moon is moving away by several inches... seems rather facinating to me.
I am also convinced that due to the less gravity allot more vapor was in sky and throughout the atmosphere. Once the Earth grew to a certain size it also increased in gravity causing the vapor to gather and become poured onto the Earth. This along with the moon moving away all the while.
Remember this, 500 years ago the earth was flat and thinking otherwise was simply ludicrous
I see two questions here
First; has the earth increased in mass?
Second; has the earth increased in size?
The answer to both is yes. We know that the earth is constantly littered by space debris, but there is not believed to be enough mass to account for more than an extra mile over the life of Earth. And since it is evenly spread increasing the surface of earth over land and sea it still wouldn’t explain this idea.
However I personally like the idea and I don’t think anyone can definitively prove or disprove it. Mostly I enjoy the possibilities of debate opened by the expanding earth hypothesis.
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Aristotle
What I find interesting is how your every day Joe nobodies get so enraged and invested in the current scientific world model that they start flame wars against anyone who would challenge the current accepted model. I mean really? What difference would it make in your short 60-100 year life span which theory of the Earth's/Universe's evolution is right?

Why be dogmatic about any view? As a species, if we were truly interested in the "truth", then every time someone comes up with a theory, crack pot or not, we should examine it and try to figure out the math and science needed to verify it, then put that science to the test letting the truth of the theory fall where it falls.

No emotional commitment needed or required.

Once upon a time the Earth was considered flat and people ridiculed those who said it was round. Then they ridiculed those who said it orbited the Sun. Now people are ridiculing those who propose the Earth is growing.

Will the Human Species ever learn from history and stop ridiculing every new theory that comes along?

All these emotional outbursts are just oh so childish. Grow up already and become a seeker of truth and avoid believing in anything dogmatically. Remain a skeptic always.

I believe is nothing but myself (on good days, on bad days I sometimes fail to believe in myself, but those are few and far between).

What difference does it make to me which theory is correct? It doesn't, I have no vested interest other than curiosity.
the planets or mass is always growing through newtons theory about gravity...and pascals theory about expanding masses through energy increase (ex.heat or radiation).. it is also breathing...so u have to rethink your sence of logic mr marshall..greetings kris. energy engineer
the mountains is not growing, it is just the radius from the core that is expanding through pressure... this theory is very logic.. people vere neglecting newton,darwin,Tesla... and so on.. for centuries
i am god. i did it.
How comes, when you grow a small sphere with stuff on its surface, that the stuff later is only on one side of the sphere?
Shouldnt it be distributed all over the surface, as it was initially?
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I think it's an interesting theory but his complete and utter bias towards his own theory without disproving others actually forms an amount of distrust in his own methods - are they really objective? There appears to be much subjective content for it to be taken seriously. The observations themselves are interesting, but he should have left it at that. Plates move around on a bed of lava - did he not think that maybe that lava moves around as well?, with some areas of the earth maybe having pockets of it to move into? as it heats up into these areas it would cause expansion away from it, a possible theory for the things he's observed.
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