Thursday, December 14, 2006

Understanding aging

I don't know why this video is so interesting to me. It is a pure lecture, so it is definitely not sexy. And you definitely have to think as you watch it. But the speaker is so good at taking very complex topics and simplifying them to explain some of the reasons why we age:

You learn a lot by watching it.

Interesting video!
"Delaying Aging and Optimizing Health with Supplements and Diet"
Bruce N Ames
Professor of the Graduate School
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of California, Berkeley

In the video, he mentions you can buy a year's supply of Mulivitamin/Minal pills at Costco for $12. So, they don't cost anything. We should try to promote them more. You can think of it as insurance, because it won't hurt, but it might help.

Yet, I'm kind of a skeptic. For example, "Consumer Reports on Health" said that the beta carotene (a particular strain of Vitamin A) you get in a vitamin pills is just one of a 100 different strains that naturally occur in foods. There's some concern that it's the combination of a variety of "beta carotenes" that provide the healthful effects. Furthermore, when someone takes a concentration of one strain (like in vitamin pills), then it will block the absorption of the other strains. So, in another words, the vitamin pill may actually be making you less healthy (at least in some ways).

Perhaps, this is why Dr Dean Edell reports in his book that evidence has shown that beta carotene may actually increase the risk of cancer.

My guess is that on balance, the vitamin pills are probably good for you, if you don't have a well-balanced diet. But still, the story about beta carotene makes me less enthusiastic and wonder whether it would be better for healthy eaters NOT to take a vitamin pill.

Also, one time I bought a one-a-day men's vitamin pill that advertised having anti-oxidents in it. But whenever I took it, I felt immediately ill and had to lie down for a half hour.

Also, I've noted Diet Snapple makes me feel sick too.

So, I'm kind of concerned when anything says it's "healthy" for you, because I just wonder what kind of artificial ingredients are in there, to increase vitamins/minderals or decrease unwanted fats/carbohydrates. So, I just feel like it's best to avoid anything artificial.
Great Video!

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Aging puzzles everyone. I strongly believe that the neuroscience and fitness community should speak with each other and design exercise programs that will help people to age better. My system has been reviewed by several neurobiologists and my theory is that you can improve your brain functioning and your fitness level at the same time with specific exercises. The constant change of the program incorporating balance and coordination will promote the creation of new neural pathways

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Perhaps, this is why Dr Dean Edell reports in his book that evidence has shown that beta carotene may actually increase the risk of cancer.

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This video also interesting for me
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WoW Very Nice video i understand very critical factor in aging process.

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